Why is it important for kids to nap?

The Advantages of Rests for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

A Napping Kid is a Learning Kid

A most recent study found that babies showed higher levels of learning and memory after being taught if they took a long rest right after the lesson was done.

All babies rested soundly during the night, but just those who’d also napped during the day remembered what they’d learned twenty-four hours later.

The lead researcher explained The New York Times, “These findings needs an additional research but maybe infants lose some information if they don’t rest after learning.”

It is not only their brains which are developing; it’s their bodies also.

But when small ones go through periods of rapid growth, they want more than extra food. They want additional sleep also. Lots of their development is occurring while they’re sleeping, so depriving them of that time affects them physically just as much as emotionally.


A Rested Child is a Well-Behaved Child

If the kid doesn’t have a proper sleep they will be coping with additional fussiness, whining, and tantrum-throwing. Research backs up one study conducted at the University of Colorado, Boulder analyzed toddlers as they were finishing puzzles. When they missed their routine 90-minute rest, the kids have demonstrated 31% increase in negative psychological responses when they weren’t able to finish a particularly challenging puzzle. In addition, they revealed a 34% decline in favorable emotional reactions after finishing an easier one.

To put it differently, with no rest, their negative emotions were raised, while their positive ones were dulled. As described by a scientist Dr. Monique LeBourgeouis, “Tired kids aren’t able to contend with day to day challenges in their worlds.”

A rested kid is a well behaved and happy kid. And a well behaved and happy kid gets a considerably more joyful mom, too.

A Daytime Sleeper is a Better Nighttime Sleeper

I’ve heard lots of folks say that they don’t prioritize their kids’ rests because the daytime snooze sessions help their infants and toddlers sleep better at night.

But that’s not really true. Toddler-bed-22Based on the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, skipping rests generally results in a kid that’s overtired by bedtime. And while you’d believe an overtired child will fall asleep fast and readily, the opposite is often true: They begin acting stressed, irritable, and wired, making bedtime more of a conflict.

The only time resting appears to interfere with nighttime sleep is when it happens in the late evening, daytime rests really ease better nighttime sleep.

Needless to say, parents who avoid rests every now and then are somehow robbing their small ones of the skill to learn, grow, emotionally participate, and sleep soundly at night. It simply means that, when potential, resting should be prioritized—for the benefit of parent and child alike.

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