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My Introduction to you…

This will be my first Blog as the new owner of Jazslings. Each month I hope to provide Jazsling followers some advice and thought provoking topics relevant to parents. Of course you will have to put up with a little promotional information about Jazslings, however as a midwife I am passionate about providing parents with information that allows them to make informed decisions and my tips will be focusing on what’s best for Mum, Dad and the little ones. (more…)

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Bringing Your Baby Outside

One of the rules of newborn care that of newborn care was that new mothers and infants should hole up in for weeks after arrival. Needless to say, while you’re outside and around you’ll need to practice the same great newborn care. Dress your infant for the weather so your baby will feel warm enough but not overly hot. (more…)

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Why is it important for kids to nap?

The Advantages of Rests for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers A Napping Kid is a Learning Kid A most recent study found that babies showed higher levels of learning and memory after being taught if they took a long rest right after the lesson was done. (more…)

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Choosing a Baby Carrier

Modern baby carriers come in a broad collection of designs to suit every preference and budget. Choosing which carrier to buy can be an overwhelming task because there are a lot of outstanding choices in a bewildering variety of designs, colours, and sizes. (more…)

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Babywearing Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Wear Your Baby

Babywearing or baby carrying is the method of carrying your baby or toddler in a baby slings and carriers. Babywearing is nothing new historically, for over centuries moms in the West wore their children and up today moms all around the world are still practicing babywearing due to its great reasons and benefits. (more…)

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Top 3 Benefits of Babywearing For Your Baby

Babies are happiest when being carried by mom and it is natural for a baby to be close to their mother. Babywearing is a great way for keeping your baby happy to lessen their stress with crying and to help build a stronger bond between mom and baby. These are the top 3 benefits of babywearing that can help babies to grow smarter and happier. (more…)

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The Advantages of Teething Toys For Your Baby

When an infant is born after a few months teething symptoms happens naturally with them. It occurs when tooth is breaking from baby's gums. Teething is the main cause of fussiness in babies and it is typically normal. It affects infants who are between 4 months to 2 years of age. It causes soreness in mouth and causes discomfort to babies once they teethe, this could be a frustrating time for all of the parents while babies pain is serious tooth discomfort. (more…)

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Jazslings Valentine’s Special Promotions: Buy 1 and Get 1 FREE, save up to 50%.

Jazslings Valentine's Special Promotions: Buy 1 and Get 1 FREE, save up to 50%. Buy one Baby Sling and get a second one for your partner for free for extra bonding time with your baby! Choose any design or Colour from the Perfect Pouch or Signature Collection. Use this code "valentine" to redeem this offer on our website http://jazslings.com.au/shop/. Hurry the promo is valid until Feb 15, 2015. Feel free to send an email to sales@jazslings.com.au our inbox is always open to receive your enquiry or feedback.

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Jazslings Baby Slings International Babywearing Week Promo

We love babywearing and will create a time to focus the world's attention on the timeless and beautiful practice of babywearing. Jazslings launched a limited time offer promo in celebrating the International Babywearing Week 5-11 October. Visit our Facebook page to view more posts and to join a contest. All promotions are valid until October 11, 2014 only. Day 1 Promo - 5th October Day 2 Promo - 6th October Day 3 Promo - 7th October Day 4 Promo - 8th October Simply click the image to visit our Facebook page to join. Day 5 Promo - 9th October Simply click the image to visit our Facebook page to join.

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Why choose Jazslings Best Baby Sling?

Baby Pouch Sling For Babies Isn’t it fun to bring your little ones to the park or go out strolling to malls? Doing this does not have to be difficult carrying them all throughout your trip together with your bag and baby stuff.  To all moms out there, it is about time to meet your new best friend, the new Jazslings baby wrap sling! This will certainly make every moms life easier and make their leisurely walk enjoyable while bonding with their little angel. (more…)

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